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tv   Good Morning Washington at 600  ABC  August 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and centerville, virginia coming in at 17th. waldorf and germantown all the top 25. low crime, a great schools, and overall, something to do. we have another hour of news. at 6:00. right now >> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:00, we are following breaking news out of maryland. to do your people are dead a a car derails. >> investigators are still the suspectack down that killedchase the officer. >> and all-star confusion pulls
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and extra inning win. >> right to adam caskey. >> i could not step for that. i wish i could. 6:01 on the nose here. anywhere from sterling. patchy fog this morning. just a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. a slight chance of a few popup thunderstorms. what you want on the commute? >> the closure is with that. frederick road is closed and will remain closed. the closure is between west chester.
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part, especially the drive on i-95 this morning. are seeing a lot of slow spots now. for the most part, no accidents to report. for those of you heading to the dallas collector road. he may have a delay their as well. southbound i-270, and also 95 towards the beltway. >> we are following some news this morning. to do people are dead after a train derailed. the very latest for us this
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morning. >> said masses seen down main street. crews are now on the scene. trying to assess the damage of all of this. there are two fatalities related. , at this train goes point, all the asian identity of -- byctims have yet to be authorities. totalwere 80 cars in traveling towards baltimore. that is when this started to occur. one woman describes what she saw.
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>> across all of main street, no one can get by. investigatorsnt, are on the scene. they're trying to see if there are any more victims involved. authoritiesd from they are said to be ok. there now combing through this debris. areou heard earlier, there area that are closed as a result of all of this. we are still waiting for more.ities to learn >> thank you. we're also falling breaking news afghanistan. militants fired a rocket just outside of cobble.
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nobody was injured. general dempsey was there to discuss the war. he was not injured. he got on another plane. suspect involved in the chase and crash that killed a police officer. he was 23 years old, a veteran of 2.5 years. >> cynne, witnesses are adamant suspect's vehicle rammed the vehicle. it is unclear if the officers wearing seat belts. where gas station police officers responded to an attempted car theft. a high-speed police pursuit
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tragically ended several miles away. he just kept yelling his partner's name. he kept saying "morris, morris." he said, "just talk to morris, get morris' attention." he later died at prince george's hospital officers arrived and grief.ercome with only a teenager when he entered the law enforcement program. >> his been with this program since he was 16 years old. >> i hope they catch him and put him away for life. >> he was a native of jamaica. he became a u.s. citizen in 2009. the other officer who is not identified has been from hospital. >> thank you so much. we buy all of our viewers to
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stay with abc 7 news. look for updates online anytime >> we are also tracking a story out of fairfax county where police are urging precautions were sexually assaulted a girl. jummy olabanji is alive. that is located in the complex you see right behind me. a lot of the folks who live complex want to find who this guylk -- is. t this apartment complex. there were talking to neighbors and distributing fliers. >> a five-year-old child?
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>> neighbors were stunned to hear that two days ago a man a five-year-year-old girl and sexually assaulting her. that is where the attack took place. a man holding a old child may not ring alarm bells. this was, in fact, and the abduction and an attack. >> people -- police said they the crow wasif supervised at the time. question of the world is now. it is a dangerous place. >> because of the little girl's , police are urging people to give them a call. police arrested and charged a
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assaulting ally girl. told policeld girl she saw a man touching her. the d.c. mayor has established a new task force. there were severely flooded. water and raw sewage backed up. the new task force will find the flooding. >> today on the campaign trail, will appear at columbus,vents in ohio. he plans to criticize the budget proposals.
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he will appear at evidence in minneapolis. gop presidential candidate mitt allowed.ll be two ryan will appear at rallies and pennsylvania. another at a helicopter museum in west chester. coming up, a nation-wide drought holtz. >> they are also giving you less [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work. this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls.
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on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work reirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen threquirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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drought is now taking on shipping. >> the coast guard had to shut down an 11-mile stretch to the river. they're worried because the just too low right now. >> quite a problem. check in with adam. had rain over the weekend. on the way? >> we had signed a rainfall, was over 1 inch. it was about a quarter of an inch in spots. theerature was we are in 60's. e frederick. meanwhile, 68 in southern maryland. for the most part, i think we will be in the mid 80's. a few isolated thundershowers
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possible later on today. comfortable start 2 hour day. this travel forecast shows the brought the whole summer. dallas, only 84 this afternoon. lot of heavy traffic out there this morning. at major delays read now. both of those interchanges were very slow. if you're making the drive through virginia, we're also seeing the leas. as you make your way through at a lotooking andumper-to-bumper delays n to 395.g o now let's go back to the news with steve and cynne. >> the historic city in maryland. >> president obama and
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>> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington," on your side. was a train that derailed the just after midnight. cars carrying coal from to baltimore came off tracks and fell from the bridge crossing. to the real people were found that wreckage. we will have an update for you coming up in about 15 minutes.
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answersre searching for a body was pulled from the potomac river. no or another -- or that person is a man or female. right along the 395 corridor. no idea where the remains were found. >> the issue of abortion is attention in of the political world after the s made bysial comment taught a tin. interview, he said legitimate rape rarely results in pregnancy. now he is saying that he misspoke. >> let me be clear. rape is never legitimate. conceivedid was ill- and it was wrong. obama and mident have weighed in on this.
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him tocan is pressuring from his campaign. >> checking news around the world now. to-surfacenge surface- missile. the claimed the missiles are for purposes. president obama says he will reconsider his position on the military in the conflict in syria. is we starte for us of chemicalle bunch around.moving that will change my calculus and equation. it isren buffett says -- syria doesn't threaten
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use chemical weapons. we had some rain. now, cool temperatures. >> we can. we have not seen temperatures like this. >> no, we have not. high temperatures this afternoon degrees below average. you concede good visibility here. right along at ridge road here. you can see the fog. for example, culpeper virginia. hagerstown, half a mile.
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refreshing, but foggy morning. 59 in gaithersburg. very refreshing across the board. temperatures are right around a 60. lookit cumberland right now, 54. they are slowly sliding eastward. special compared to yesterday. more sun today, compared to what we have on monday. however, i cannot rule out a few isolated thunderstorms later on today. especially along the blue ridge. of for 80's by the weekend. major heat coming our way. >> good morning everyone. are dealing with reduced visibility out there. also on 270, on those cameras.
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no major delays down there. traveling on to under 67, about 22 minutes. a southbound to 70, the heavier the urbana be in area. southwest's lead the push for hike this year. >> delta, u.s. air wis, and 'sited following southwest leads. the airlines have tried to raise year eight times this bonds were unsuccessful four times. >> airlines cutting into your try to boost their
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bottom line as well. >> check your driveway. we know a car thief who loves to steal. >> good morning everyone. the most frequently stolen car. a new study says it is the 1994 honda accord. nearly 7600 were ripped off. the vehicle's popularity and of security features is the reason why. passengers now have 1 inch less between seats. wal-mart says its layaway program proved to be so popular that it is being expanded. this year, the pay overtime e month longere on more items. and some harley-davidson thercycles are part of company's anniversary celebration. planned throats
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cities around the world. is america's money.
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>> fans who stuck out the rain were treated to a win. that is where he hit the plate.
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.e scores that winning run they now have a six-game lead. this could be his final game .efore the playoffs you heard about that yesterday on good morning washington. first pitch and i will be it 7:05. hundreds have been left stranded. they gave the crowd at fair but decided to take a >> it and stead anyway screen that they blame -- would go into extra innings. >> for the measure to stay open early, $25,900 per hour. now, did not have it to
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stay open late. beyond the usual closing time. as college students had to campus, they compare with references that will not draw blank stares. >> and incoming number of freshmen are already displaying some hearing loss. that is public from hearing buds. >> maybe. i cannot remember can m&m's. lbj, theyrefer to might think you're talking about james, not the former president. parents the list, andp referring to dvd's c. d.'s test tapes. >> that makes sense. the town had to write cursive. -- and they do not know how to
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write curses. still another half-hour of "good washington" to come. still another half-hour of "good [ obama ] i'm barack obama d i approve this message. [ male announcer ] you work hard. stretch every penny. but chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him... mitt romney made twenty million dollars in two thousand ten but paid only fourteen percent in taxes... probably less than you now he has a plan thatat would give millionairs another tax break... and raises taxes on middle class families by up to two thousand dollars a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more.
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>> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:30, atight crews assessing the damage. a train derails ended nearly two dozen cars fell off the bridge. a wild fire fight out west. good morning washington. tuesday, august 21. >> i am cynne simpson. thank you for joining us this morning. refresh in outside. a low humidity. where wethe upper 50's have some fog.
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59 degrees at this time. 51 in fairfax. overall, comfortable. a few hours this morning. on our way to 84. if you isolated pop-up showers. i really do not think you'll be needing it. >> we will talk about tomorrow coming right up. bet there this morning, visibility. reduced we do have a lot of fog out there. if you're heading into , some of emergency maintenance will slow you down there.
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95 northbound, no accidents, but a lot of delays. as you can see, it is a bottleneck situation. 66 throughio on at centerville. >> we start with breaking news where emergency cute crews are still victimng for a possible overnight. tracks ande off the the bridge crossing. several cars in the parking lot were crushe at this point, we are waiting in news conference. also this morning, another top story. police still looking for a in a chase that killed an officer on i-95.
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adrian morris was killed when was drivingar he into a ditch. the officer joined the 2.5 years ago. was a native of jamaica. inbecame a u.s. citizen 2009. cruiserriving a police around noon yesterday. witnesses are adamant that the suspect's vehicle rammed the the call and put it in a ravine. of course, this all started at a shell gas station. police officers responded to an theft.ed car police pursuit, tragically ended. fellow officers were visibly overcome. this morning, the search is on
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silver acura with temporary tags. a man witnessed this police chase. he just kept yelling his partner's name. he kept saying "morris, morris." he said, "just talk to morris, get morris' attention." i thought he was ok. was breathing. >> the other officer who has not identified this morning has been released from hospital. reporting live, abc 7 news. r the still -- >> stay tuned for the still developing story. a story coming out of fairfax county this morning. police said they are looking for man who learned a girl from a playground and sexually assaulted her.
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live now with details for us. >> all this happened in the of the apartment me.lex behind on wednesday evening, between a00 and it o'clock tonight, a five-year-r -- girl was playing in a paid playground. he grabbed her and sexually her, according to police. yesterday, talking with g outbors and handin fliers. trying to pinpoint who this man is. she was only able to give a very n of herscriptio attacker. police are asking anyone who may to give themthing a call. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> is a 6:36 right now.
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d.c. government employes will be inting a little extra money their paychecks. workers will be repaid for those of furlough days. the d.c. government ended the year with a surplus. the time now is 6:37. we all know that they have stressful jobs. >> we have proof. share that when they
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evidenceis some new that doctors are stressed. suffering and symptom of burnout. says being asked to him are patients gives fear. now.right check on traffic and weather. good morning. >> it is a comfortable morning. low humidity and temperature is t around 60 degrees. 59 and now in frederick. 61 in gaithersburg.
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petersburg, west virginia, 52 degrees on this tuesday morning. aboutwill be anywhere to 84 in washington. s and acloudy condition thundershowers later on this afternoon. tomorrow, it will feel the same and look the same. at that point, reaching into the upper 80's. let's go back to angela with a look of the commute. >> first and foremost, you will be dealing with reduced visibility. foggy in a lot of areas. also, a heads up. they may shut and all days. activity there with some of delays.
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heading around to that worked down. we are on the brakes. it is pretty much a stop-and-ago pace. we are looking at heavy, slow traffic as well. back to steve and cynne. we have been following news all morning. deadly train derailment. we have the latest
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>> 6:44 right now. we continue to cover the breaking news in maryland.
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>> that is right. it happened just after midnight a bridge in frederick road. west virginia to baltimore came off of the tracks off the crossing. two people were found dead. several cars were crushed. emergency responders are sorting wreckage.e expecting to start in just a few minutes when that happens. bring you the latest live. >> battling a wildfire in northern california. is 30% point it contained. destroyed several homes. it threatens to destroy 3500 homes. that job ainds make difficult.
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police are investigating the of a volleyball player. police believe that robbery may been the motive. so far, there have been no arrests. 21-year-old was shot and killed -- killed himself. police say he shot himself on fact that hete the handcuffed at the time. an autopsy report lists his suicide and he tested positive for job x. tested positive for drugs. >> spying on muslims in and out of the city. the testimony came as part of a in a long-standing suit which began back in the
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1970's. >> the jury over apple immerses samsung could begin tomorrow. apple say samsung copied apple and iphone technology. it is one of the biggest technology disputes in history. 6:47 right now. a candy shop popularizing on showy -- on the breaking bad. method-inspired candy for $1. tourists are eating it up. parents and not think it is the shop.dea at a candy " it's a little concerning their. >> a little foggy this morning.
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keep that in mind. comfortable. refreshen for a change. open your window to start the day today. but the fresh air in. here's a nice look from your camera overlooking the potomac. just turning to break through some of those clouds. here is the time lapse for the fog in damascus. you normally see the sun bright from this camera. what you see is the low-level fog of. we will get rid of that fog within the next hour. we have the visibility under half a mile. 66 of degrees right now. reagan national. 63 in culpeper.
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they are pushing eastwards. just a few pops up thundershowers. this afternoon and evening, locally. for the most part, i think we will be dry. not too humid. what you have on your end? with a loss of fog out here, mentioned. we are seeing some reduced visibility for folks making the drive. not too bad. we are seeing some delays. that is, of course, over the bridge. we are saying the fog on 270. once you get past this point, your honor to break. heading into germantown. once again to the beltway on region, it is some slow
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traffic. still, no incident to report. >> thank you so much. 6:49. you have until friday to sign up for the chance to win four vip passes for abbey road on the river. >> we're also giving away a that is worth more than $1,000. we will announce the winners on monday. >> 6:50. 62 degrees. >> a round of the top stories in everything you need to know
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good tuesday morning coming up to all of you. some breaking news. a rocket in afghanistan damaged the plan of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff. latest next right "good morning america." >> time for our top stories. brianne carter starts to soften maryland. we are still getting new traination about the that happened around killing two people. police say they are looking into
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e who sayrom peopl individuals who on the bridge near the this derailment happened. they're looking into whether or be the two victims. the cars headed towards baltimore last night. it could be a days-along cleanup effort. they're looking through the rubble. prince george's county police thattill looking for killedthatver year-old officer. the other officer has been from the hospital. witnesses are adamant that the suspect's vehicle rammed the put it in the ravine. the suspect was trying to steal a car. >> fairfax county police are searching for the man that they
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y sexually assaulted a five- old little girl. this it happened sunday night. they're asking anyone who may seen anything to give them a call. >> now for the things you need to know this morning. syria's usingaid biological agents could trigger a strong u.s. response. time he hasfirst outlined whether this administration would use force. >> you better come up with a second plan. the orchard will not be open until further notice. they closed out their home the braves in 13 innings. the score of the winning run, it braves a 5-4.
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for the story and others, visit site, >> adam caskey has a look on know about theo weather. >> kind of a sign for things to come in late august or early september. take a look at our forecast for day.est of the we do have a fog this morning. just a few thundershowers. 84, the high temperature today. four degrees warmer. that is as hot as it will get. >> consistency for once. will do for "good morning washington." >> for continuing coverage, tune to news channel 8. we will see you back here at noon. [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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[ male announcer ] you work hard. stretch every penny. but chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him... mitt romney made twenty million dollars in two thousand ten but paid only fourteen percent in taxes... probably less than you now he has a plan that would give millionaires another tax break... and raises taxes on middle class families by up to two thousand dollars a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more.


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